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Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning

All carpet Jobs comes with 7 day Guarantee!

We Offer Affordable Carpet Steam Cleaning


We provide affordable cleaning services for carpets and upholstery. Our carpet steam cleaning uses environmentally friendly solutions to ensure the safety of your family and pets. We offer fast and efficient services that are affordable and very effective in treating heavily soiled carpets as well as stubborn stains. We use premium quality equipment for a professional steam clean, each and every time. We use industry standard procedures for complete satisfaction on every job.

Why Use Clear Out Vacating Services?

We don’t mess around when it comes to your carpet! We get results and Guarantee our work.

Just like our Bond Cleaning we won’t leave a job until we are Satisfied. We provide a deep cleaning of your carpets Specialising in end of lease cleans where most of the time people only get carpets cleaned when they move. We can bring your carpets back to life, saving our customers Bond money and the need to replace carpets having the ability to clean up Heavily soiled carpets and provide effective Stain removal which will keep your Real estate/property manager happy!

Hot water extraction (Steam clean method) is the most preffered method of carpet cleaning by Real estate agents. This is because its the most effective in removing the soils that are deep in your carpet fibres which you can’t always remove with regular vacuuming. When these soils are left in your carpet this can result in pre-mature wearing of your carpets, especially on the High traffic areas. This is because the soils/sand that are left in carpets are abrasive which if walked on over a period of time cuts and breaks away the carpets fibres, if not removed properly through regular cleaning. This is why it’s important to remove these soils from your carpets using this method. It cleans your carpets deeper which will help keep the appearance of your carpet, making them look newer and cleaner for longer

We pre-spray your carpets with a hot pre-spray shampoo prior to cleaning leaving it dwell for 5-10mins. This emulsifies and breaks down the dirts, soils, fine soils, stains and other contaminants that are in your carpets allowing for an easier extraction through Steam cleaning method being able to see the dirt and stains getting removed from your carpets before your eyes. We will leave your carpets clean, dirt free and sanitised. We then use deodoriser to spray over the top of your carpets when cleaning is completed leaving them smelling fresh. 

Have you ever had your carpets cleaned before and after only a few days they look dirtier then they did before they were cleaned? This is because the shampoo that was used when the carpets were cleaned before hasn’t been washed out of the carpets properly. The soapiness from the left over chemical in your carpets leaves a sticky residue if not washed out correctly and attracts dirt like a magnet. Which is why we use a Chemical rinse whilst cleaning which not only makes the cleaning process easier because as well as the pre-spray it also helps to clean your carpets more effectively because it rinses out the chemical used to shampoo your carpets giving them a 2-stage clean and it also restores the correct pH levels back to your carpet. This important step which will help to prevent rapid re-soiling as explained above which will leave your carpets cleaner, look brighter and feel softer (not crunchy once dry) and will speed up the dry time of your carpets leaving our Customers and Real estates more satisfied once the job is completed.

Our work comes with a Professional invoice for your Property manager. Use us to confidently tick that box required for your vacate, saving you money and also speeding up you Bond return!  

STAIN REMOVAL: Clear Out have the ability to remove a wide variety of stains including but not limited to protein like egg, coffee, tea, juice, milk, blood, ink, permanent marker, red stains, make-up, grease, tar, oils, wax and blu tack, slime, gum, urine, nail polish, paint, vomit and many more. This can be ordered additionally if required by our customers at an additional cost to Carpet steam clean

ODOUR CONTROL TREATMENTS: Clear Out have the ability to permanently remove a wide variety of Odours in Carpets and Upholstery including but not limited to urine, pet urine, dog odour, smoke, vomit, faeces, decay and much more. This can be ordered additionally if required by customer at an additional cost. Complimentary deodoriser after Carpet steam clean wont work in dealing with more severe odours as mentioned above 

We also use wool safe chemicals if needed at no extra cost!


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Upholstery & Rug Cleaning

Is your upholstery looking tired and in need of professional treatment? Whether it’s your home, apartment or business premises, we will make sure all your upholstery is sparkling and hygienically clean and we will remove all odors and discoloration where possible.